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Ascension Ministries recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit.  Health is the natural state when all parts are in harmony.  Ascension Ministries has a strong focus on healing because Rev. Dr. Laura has found that what appears as dis-ease is often Spirit's way of getting a person's attention and starting him/her on the journey to self-discovery and self-empowerment.  Dis-ease can become the motivating factor for many people to decide to make changes in their lives and acts as the catalyst for spiritual search and understanding.  She has found that often, disease is a catalyst for spiritual growth.  

Rev. Dr. Laura has observed that dis-ease is an opportunity for a person to grow.  When dis-ease manifests in the body, it is generally because a person has failed to pay attention to subtle, or not so subtle, messages he/she was receiving and take action before the message reached the physical stage of dis-ease.  Generally, there have been many failed attempts by one's higher consciousness to communicate with one's conscious awareness prior to dis-ease occurring.  When we "get sick", we are finally slowed down to the point where we might pay attention to the information our higher consciousness has been wanting us to be aware of for some time.  Many of the solutions that western medicine has for disease are palliative to reverse the symptoms.  This is why there seems to be so much chronic disease in the west.  Symptoms and not underlying cause are being treated.  Even when a pathogen is the seeming cause for the disease, western medicine cannot supply answers to why some people will become ill and others will not when exposed to the pathogen. 

Rev. Dr. Laura has witnessed the effects of vibration on "dis-ease".  She has used vibrational healing modalities of sound, color and energy to successfully reduce a breast cancer within herself from 1 1/2 cm to microscopic and undetectable.  This was accomplished with a combination of modalities, a concerted effort to determine the root cause and balance those out, paying attention to the emotional body-physical body connection of dis-ease and listening to and following the instructions of Spirit.  She had the support of a western medicine team that was willing to allow her to do as she was guided.  For those interested in more details about her movement through cancer, audio recording of a lecture she gave about her journey through cancer is available on the tools page.  A page with more detailed information will be created in the future.

In training others to tap into their own healing abilities, Rev. Dr. Laura emphasizes the importance of:
1.  Being able to connect with one's higher self where all wisdom is stored
2.  Being able to connect with the higher self of someone who desires assistance
2.  Releasing out all judgment about  the information one receives
3.  Being a conduit for healing energy to flow through unimpeded
4.  Following the guidance one receives when one asks a question of the universe

When these things can be done, the healer is then a clear channel, or as the Native Americans term it - a hollow bone, for the energy and healing to come through.  The person receiving the healing is the one who determines the success of the work by how much they are willing to accept health.  That may sound strange, but for some people, there is a big impetus to remain ill because of attention they may be receiving. 

Rev. Dr. Laura is trained in many healing modalities.  Her sessions usually contain a combination of modalities.  Those sessions are always directed by spirit and the person who desires the healing.  Information on these modalities is found on the Teaching page.  She has also worked with the collective group the Hanahuac Project in bringing in a new healing modality that creates a healing pillar.  This new modality requires three people to set the pillar.  More information on this healing pillar can be found at  

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