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Ascension Ministries came into being in 1997 when Rev. Dr. Laura Thornberry realized she was going to begin traveling and teaching spiritual topics.  The name and logo were given to her by Spirit as the face that would be presented to the world.  She was shown that all her efforts throughout her life had been to empower people to step into the knowledge they already possessed and become self-reliant.  She was also shown that in following Christ's statement, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do" (John 14:12) is literal and that by believing that which Christ taught and following His instructions, we are all capable of doing what Christ did and greater.  This includes ascending - not leaving this earth plane through death, but by being prepared to lift from the body when it is no longer needed. 

From its inception, Ascension Ministries has been guided by Spirit's directive.  Classes that Rev. Dr. Laura teaches are ones she has been shown will assist people in removing any barriers they may have to interacting directly with Spirit and accepting the limitless nature of themselves as infinite beings.  Journeys she has gone on have been at Spirit's request to do specific tasks asked of her by Spirit.  Journeys Ascension Ministries has facilitated have been at Spirit's direction and timing to both provide an opportunity for spiritual growth by the participants as well as provide specific assistance to the planet by the work done by the various groups. 

Ascension Ministries has assisted hundreds of people over the years to discover the wondrous nature that is theirs as infinite beings able to interconnect with other infinite beings.  It has helped many people recognize their spiritual gifts and realize the manner in which they wish to express them. 
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