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Interdimensional Connection is attained when one has the ability to move from one plane and dimension to another consciously and either link the dimensions or gain information in one dimension to use in another dimension.  Interdimensional Connection also allows the moving through the barriers that are normally placed between people to discern any information or energies needed in the now.  It is the conscious interdimensional connection that allows one to do Spiritual Readings.  It is that ability to move through time and space to gain information important in the now moment.

When one can make interdimensional connections, one can connect with one's higher self and the higher self of someone who is requesting assistance.   One will be able to be the clear, unbiased conduit for information for the person seeking help.  Also, one is able to connect with the energies of celestial bodies whether they be planets, stars, moons, or discarnate beings. 

The ability to connect interdimensionally is also a component in telepathy.  The other component in telepathy is the willingness for contact.  Rev. Dr. Laura has found that sometimes people are silently screaming to be heard and there is no way she can not hear in her mind what they are thinking.  Usually this situation is when one is in emotional pain and are reaching out to the universe for help. 

The ability to create and maintain Interdimensional Connection is key to anyone doing planetary energetic release work.  Being able to tap into the energies of a different time and place to determine why energies are stuck and to open a gate or portal for the energies to be relieved are part of what earth healers do. 
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