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Karuna Reiki and its purpose and uses were revealed to William Rand and some of his advanced students.  They received information about twelve symbols and how they relate to healing.  As they continued to work with the symbols, they were shown the many aspects that the symbols assist a person in clearing.  The International Center for Reiki Training is the steward of this training.

Karuna Reiki is a powerful modality in helping people release out the effects of abuse of any type from this lifetime or any other lifetime.  It combines the power of symbols with the power of chant to break up old, stuck patterns of energy to bring about healing. 

Anyone can receive a Karuna Reiki healing session.  In order to take the class to learn to use the Karuna symbols in practice, one must be a Reiki Master.  The training in Karuna Reiki consists of a full day of class in which one learns the twelve symbols and how to use them as well as getting the opportunity to practice the technique and receive sessions while others are practicing. 

Karuna symbols and their energy assist with:

  • cellular healing
  • past life healing
  • clearing psychological abuse issues
  • clearing sexual and physical abuse issues
  • karmic healing
  • healing of unconscious patterns
  • healing the shadow self
  • dispelling psychic and psychological attack
  • healing relationships
  • creating good habits
  • healing addictions
  • contacting spiritual beings
  • healing the lower chakras
  • clearing the mind
  • clearing a room of dense energies
  • harmonizing the upper and lower chakras
  • creating determination and completion
  • manifesting material goals
  • connecting the higher self and the lower self
  • improving ability to learn
  • healing communication
  • increasing creativity
  • grounding
  • manifesting goals
  • creating priorities
  • healing the human race
  • claiming power
  • healing co-dependence
  • healing reality awareness
  • empowering goals
  • creating trust in life
  • healing insomnia
  • healing fear and panic
  • manifesting the best results 
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