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Meditation has been wrapped in the aura of the unknowable.  Consequently, many people have heard about the benefits of meditation but do not believe that it is something they can do without a large investment of time.  Rev. Dr. Laura has been teaching people to meditate for decades.  She has found that certain techniques will have someone in the altered states of alpha or theta brain wave frequencies almost instantaneously.  She has placed these techniques in a kit comprised of a book, workbook 3-CDs and six quartz crystals which she called Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Meditation.  She has done this so anyone can learn to meditateMeditation Kit easily and in the convenience of their own home without having to wait for a class to be scheduled.  Using the set, one will be able to enter into the meditative state from a variety of techniques and will be able to select several techniques that feel natural to him/her.  Then, entering into a meditative state will be easy whenever the person desires.  Full information about Meditation can be found on the website

There are different types of meditation.  The most common form found in the United States is guided meditation.  In guided meditation, a facilitator gives verbal direction to others that move them into a meditative state.  There are other types of meditation including gazing, contemplation, focus on an object, focus on breathing, walking meditation, exercise as meditation, interacting with nature, and listening to the body to name a few.  The ability to reach a meditative state on one's own is a powerful tool as well as the first step to self empowerment.

Ascension Ministries emphasizes meditation because it is the foundational tool for Spiritual Growth.  Most people are familiar with prayer and asking God for what they desire, but they have little experience listening with open heart and mind to hear the answer to their prayers.  We have been told: "Ask and ye shall receive".  What we were not told is that when we ask, often we are given instructions on something to do to be prepared to receive.  Thus, we are pretty good at the asking and pretty poor at the listening to directions. 

Scientifically, the meditative state is recognized when brain wave frequencies have slowed down from Beta frequencies and are maintained within the Alpha, Theta and even Delta levels through conscious manipulation of the frequencies.  Spiritually, meditation is recognized as the state from which one can access inner planes and multi-dimensions.  It is the platform used to interact with Spirit and the interconnected universe.  When we are asking questions of the universe, it is from the meditative state that we receive answers to our questions.  It is the place where we can connect with the "Higher Self", that part of us that has a more expanded view of our lives and our purpose for existence.  It is where we can interface with the wisdom of the universe and gain understanding. 

There are practical applications of meditation as well as the esoteric purpose of connecting with God.  These include : 
• Relationship
• Athletics
• Career
• Family
• Corporation
• Habit Control
• Smoking Cessation
• Diet, Food – Habit
• Stress
• Health Issues
• Personality Traits
• Forgiveness
• Acceptance
• Anger Management
• Road Rage
• Release of Expectation
• Prioritizing
• Goal Setting
• Finances
• Body Image – Physical Fitness

• Self Talk
• Self Image
• Parenthood
• Being Child of Aging Parents
• Relationship with God
• Interaction with Co-workers
• Interaction with Authority at work
• Aligning with your Life Contract
• Knowing what therapies are correct   for you
• Communication
• Tapping into the 90% of the brain that is
    seemingly unused
• Information Gathering
• Utilization of Information gathered
• Test Taking
• Learning to work with intuition
• Control of the physical body
   (i.e. blood pressure, body sculpting)
• Proactive –vs- reactive
• Abusive Behaviors or Trauma from
Ascension Ministries maintains the website which contains more information about meditation as well as offering a monthly newsletter with practical applications of meditation.  If you would like to receive the monthly newletter about meditation topics, please click here to subscribe. 
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