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Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that uses the human body as an instrument to bring forth the healing energies of the universe.  The energies are absorbed by the body in whatever manner they need to be absorbed. This form of healing was first brought forth by Dr. Usui and brought into the United States by Mrs. Takata.  


Man is energy dressed in the physical vehicle we describe as body.  Health occurs when body, mind and spirit are fully synchronized. 


Reiki is a tool for balancing these aspects.  The Reiki practitioner has trained to be an open vessel for the universal energies to flow through to the person who presents him/herself for assistance. 


Reiki is an excellent modality for assisting in the alleviation of chronic physical symptoms.  Generally speaking, when a chronic condition manifests, there is a blockage in either one or more of the spiritual, mental or physical bodies.  Reiki can help to gently release these blockages, thereby releasing the chronic condition. 


Reiki is also an excellent tool for assisting the body to heal more quickly when it undergoes a critical condition such as a broken bone or torn ligament.  This statement is not meant to imply in any way that allopathic modalities are to be ignored.  It simply means that in addition to other treatments, Reiki can speed the healing process. 

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Someone who is:

  • ready to balance body, mind and spirit

  • experiencing a chronic condition

  • in physical pain

  • recovering from an accident of any form

  • seeking a synergistic complement to traditional healthcare

  • not completly satisfied with the results of other modalities

  • in mental turmoil

  • at a frustration point in his/her life

  • in addiction recovery

  • experiencing strong disruptive emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety or depression

 What is a Reiki Session?

A person may either sit or lie down to receive a Reiki session.   Reiki does not require the removal of any clothing.  The Reiki Practitioner may direct the energies into the body either touching or not touching the body.  The person asking for the session may experience a variety of sensations  - coolness, heat, tingling sensations through different parts of the body, the feel of electricity moving through the body, a sense of multiple hands working on the body.  Often, after a session, the body will want to rest to assimilate the energies it has received.  Generally, a sense of peace and relaxation is attained.  A Reiki session may also be performed at an unlimited distance.


What is Usui Reiki Training?


There are four levels of Usui Reiki Training: 


Usui Reiki I
Reiki I provides the practical experience to be able to utilize the Reiki energies on
oneself, others or animals.  One learns the Reiki history and principles and learns to participate in group healing sessions as a healer.  One comes away from this training confident in his/her ability to bring through the Universal Energies. 


Usui Reiki II
Reiki II  provides the trainee with three Reiki symbols and their applications. 
Distance healing is learned and practiced.  Surrogate healing is learned and practiced. 


Usui Reiki III
Reiki III provides the final two Usui Reiki symbols. 
Practice in applying these symbols occurs during this training.


Usui Reiki Master
Usui Master training is for those who have a desire to train others to work with the universal life force energies through the Usui Method.  A Reiki Master assumes an obligation of assisting those he/she trains as they develop their own practices. 

Note:  For one undergoing training, there is generally a release period after each training.  Reiki I precipitates physical release, Reiki II emotional release and Reiki III spiritual release.

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