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Laura ThornberryBorn the daughter of an Eastern Star and a Mason & Shriner, Laura was raised in a military family with a nondenominational Christian background where respect for the individual, encouragement to reach for your personal best, and to set no limitations on your possibilities were values her parents taught and lived. 


Laura has a natural love of travel and life as a military brat allowed Laura to travel extensively.  When traveling as a child, Laura was (and still is) fascinated with all of the cultures she was exposed to.  She interacts easily with all people and feels she has never met a stranger.


A born teacher Laura has taught all of her life; to her peers in childhood and as a Junior and Senior High math, science and social studies teacher as an adult.  Laura firmly believes to be an effective teacher, mentor, and healer she must walk her talk.  She has consciously been on her own spiritual journey for over 40 years now.  


She is well qualified in assisting others to raise their level of consciousness thus raising their vibrational level.  She holds the light and love for those who are unfocused until such time as they are able to regain their focus and remember who they truly are and why they are here on this earth plane at this time.

Laura graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia with a B.A.  Her major was anthropology and her minor was mathematics.  She received teacher training from Missouri Southern State College (now Missouri Southern University) and carries a lifetime teaching certificate with the state of Missouri.  She was granted a Doctorate of Cosmocracy by Church of the Creator in 2001 due to her profound understanding and interpretation of Consciousness Evolution.

Laura's unique background of math and science combined with understanding of how people in societies interact as well as how religious practice  influences people's actions give her teachings a balanced, practical perspective.  Her greatest gift as a teacher is recognizing a person's level of understanding and crafting a way for that person to grow from there - customizing the steps so one can reach one's goal while constantly gaining confidence in one's ability.  


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