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The most important form of Spiritual Guidance is that which one receives in direct communion with God, our creator, or spiritual guides, masters, guardians and angels.  Then, the wisdom received arrives without interpreters and is clear.  The ultimate goal of spiritual growth is to be able to constantly operate in synchrony with divine will.  When one recognizes that Spirit - our higher self - has a broader perspective of all that is occurring, we can realize that the guidance we are receiving is wise and beyond our personal capacity to recognize strictly operating from the third plane dimension. 

While it is true that everyone has the ability for direct connection with Spirit, many people doubt their ability or their worthiness to have that direct contact.  The psychic plane and the spiritual plane may seem identical to someone who is just beginning to open up to connecting to other dimensional guidance.  The psychic plane has interference patterns that often will not allow clear vision or understanding of what is occurring.  The spiritual plane has clarity.  For the novice, the most important part of working in the various planes and dimensions is learning to discern the difference between the psychic plane and the spiritual plane. 

By learning to work with one's own Spiritual Guidance, one develops a means of incorporating the spiritual into one's daily life.  One relies on intuition even when it may not seem to make sense in the physical world because one is aware that intuition is coming from Spiritual Guidance which has a much broader understanding of all the aspects of any given situation. 

For an individual, meditation is the base tool for receiving Spiritual Guidance.  Prayer is the part we use as praise and petitioning; meditation is the part we use to become still and listen. 

Rev. Dr. Laura sees her role as a support in helping others become aware of their own ability to be in direct contact with their own Spiritual Guidance.  She has found over the years that her role in Spiritual Readings for others is to help them gain clarity on what they have been receiving.  She believes that a Spiritual Reader's role is to bear witness to what the other person's higher self is communicating to that person.  Helping to clear the fog that may exist between that person and their own higher self.  Rev. Dr. Laura believes that the ultimate goal is for one to not need assistance in gaining clarity, but she realizes that often, during times of stress, even the most adept at communing with Spirit may need assistance to move through the miasma. In those times, Spiritual Guidance will help one gain clarity, see the choices that are available to one, discover ones own gifts, abilities and purpose, and become stabilized and empowered
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