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Ascension Ministries is a  Teaching Ministry Dedicated to Assisting Those Seeking Direct Connection with God

Teaching is Helping People Find the Wisdom That is Within Themselves

The objective of teaching is to provide the student with a safe place to gain confidence in his/her own ability to use tools for growth and healing and discover new tools and techniques.  Ascension Ministries provides a stable platform for the student to learn, as well as access to, a wide variety of tools. 

Students of Ascension Ministries gain an understanding that they are where they are in life because of choices they have made, either consciously or unconsciously.  If they are unhappy with where they are in life, then it is time to consciously choose to make changes in their lives and claim responsibility for where they are.  Once this is done, a person may create the life of their choice.   

Ascension Ministries is dedicated to assisting those who are seeking to connect directly with God.  Ascension Ministries teaches a variety of techniques to help one clear out any obstacles he/she may have that are preventing the increase in vibrational frequency that is needed to consciously connect with God.  It is the increase in vibratory rate that allows the movement into ascension.

Most of the classes facilitated by Ascension Ministries deal with healing and spiritual growth.  Rev. Dr. Laura has found that the majority of people she encounters have aspects of themselves they would like to deny.  All aspects must be embraced and appreciated for the role they have played in a person's growth. Once a person loves and appreciates all aspects of himself/herself, he/she can move fearlessly through the various planes and dimensions.  

Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying MeditationThe foundational course for Spiritual Growth is Meditation.  Ascension Ministries uses the Meditation Kit Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Meditation as the path into meditation.  This kit recognizes that the Western Mind processes differently from the Eastern Mind.  The twenty distinct meditation techniques taught within this kit allow one to experience the meditative state while finding a technique which matches his/her personality and preference.  One will then be able to easily enter the meditative state almost instantaneously whenever one wishes.  The kit consists of a book, workbook, 3 CDs and 6 crystals. 

It is from the altered states of consciousness reached through meditation that one can access spiritual guidance, communication with inter-dimensional beings and the 90% of the brain that remains unexplored by most people.  Connection with the fullness of one's soul is possible from the meditative state. Connection with one's full awareness of oneself and the universe are possible in the meditative state.  Tapping in to the entirety of one's potential is possible through meditation.  Awareness of the vibrations, feelings, emotions and thought of others are possible in the meditative state. 

Ascension Ministries acknowledges the value of tools to assist in the journey that is spiritual growth.  Tools can help us gain the confidence in our abilities and then tools are no longer necessary.  Sound, Music, Voice, Instruments, Crystals, Animals, Herbs, Flowers, Spiritual Cards, Essences, Fragrances, Incenses and myriad Energetic Tools are some of those tools.  Ascension Ministries knows that none of these things are required to open up to growth, they just sometimes assist people in moving beyond whatever barriers they have placed in their own way.

Ascension Ministries has classes scheduled in Tampa, Florida but is willing to make classes available worldwide if required expenses can be covered.  Below are a listing of classes facilitated by Ascension Ministries.  Anyone interested in hosting Rev. Dr. Laura to teach in his/her geographic area should contact her at

Class Descriptions

Access Consciousness Bars - Students learn the hand placements on the head to release and discharge trapped energy.  The class combines lecture, video and lots of hands-on practice and receiving.  Rev. Laura has found this technique to facilitate clearing at a much faster rate than other techniques.  Further information about this modality is found on the Access Consciousness Bars page.
Class Schedule

- All levels of Reiki are taught by Ascension Ministries.  Students are infused with the Reiki symbols and able to practice allowing the Reiki healing energies to flow through them to benefit themselves and others.  Full information about this modality is found on the Reiki page.

Karuna Reiki
- Pre-requisite for this class is Reiki III.  In this class, students learn eight unique symbols.  These symbols have been found to be quite helpful in releasing out damage caused by abuse. More information may be found on the Karuna Reiki page.

Melchizedek Method
- The Melchizedek Method teaches the student to create the hologram for love and to use it for vibrational shift and healing.  More on this method is found on the Melchizedek Method page.  

Vocal Sound
- Students learn to use their voice as a tool for healing.  Chanting, vocalization, animal sounds. 

Instrumental Sound and Music -  Students learn to use various musical instruments to assist in healing.  They get the opportunity to experience sound breaking up and clearing energy.

Crystals - One class exposes students to the energy found in a wide variety of stones.  Students learn to interact with stones to determine the manner in which the stone would like to work.  Another class exposes students to a variety of quartz crystals that are master or teacher crystals. 

Tools for Spiritual Reading - Students have the opportunity to explore tools such as cards, crystal balls, palm reading, scrying, reading tea leaves, reading flames/fire, using a pendulum, runes and numerology.  Students learn to access the spiritual plane rather than the psychic plane for information.

Color - Students experience their bodies interacting with color.  They discover a new level of understanding color and gain awareness of how to use it in their healing practices.  Chakras are explored in this class.

White Light Healing - Students learn to direct white light for healing.  They learn to use white light both directly on someone in their presence and to send it to someone at a distance who as asked for assistance.

Distance Healing - Students learn to direct healing energies to people who are not in their immediate presence.

Spiritual Counseling - Students learn the ethics and role of the spiritual counselor.

Preparation for Spiritual Growth - A strong, clean framework (body) for energy is required to do energetic and spiritual work without harming the body or mind.  That requires a body as free of toxins as possible.  The Preparation for Spiritual Growth classes include Internal and External Cleansing, Diet and Nutrition, Listening to the body to find out what it requires.

Relationship - Students explore the three main dynamics of a relationship:  You and Me, Us, and Us and Them.  Whether one is trying to gain understanding and joy in a personal, intimate or business relationship, the student will gain insight into what he/she must do in order to have the relationship he/she desires.

Energy Grids - Students learn about the various types of energy grids and how to build and use several types.  Students learn to create energy grids for different purposes. 
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